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I was very anxious/upset about all that happened at work yesterday, so didn't get a lot of sleep.

A distraction came in the form of the scan this morning, although we didn't have much luck. When we arrived - we were first - the machine wasn't working and they had to reboot it, which took 20 minutes. Fortunately it started to work again, but then Amelie T's hands were in front of her face all the time, so the sonographer couldn't get great video/pictures. Unfortunately we didn't have the same sonographer as last time, and this one was a bit more serious and didn't seem to be very focused on trying to resolve the issue. So after three attempts she gave up and said we'd have to come back.

We did get this one picture though.

Baby T @ 30 weeks

Off to see Richard this evening, and then hopefully a roast lunch with Ed & Ana tomorrow.
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