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So off it was this morning to have a second attempt at the ultrasound. We had a better sonographer this time, and Amelie T was much better behaved. Even so there wasn't much space in there, which made it very difficult to get really great clear pictures. For the most part they had part of the placenta in view.

This was the best of the bunch IMO:

Scan 7

Then from there we went to Mum and Dad's and had a delicious boeuf bourguignon.

And from there we popped in to see Nan and show her the baby pictures and video.

And from there we went over to see Ed & Ana, to give Ana her birthday present.

We popped to the Tudor Lounge for a quick drink. It had the most amazing wall displays and interactive tables:

Ana & Ed @ Tudor Lounge

Although this might be a better (iPhone) photo of the table in action. And even better is the video.

And now... relax.
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