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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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(no subject)
BB Piano
Sorry for the repeat on Facebook and Twitter, but for those that aren't following there, these are my favourite photos from the session last week.

Belly Bounce!

^Belly Bounce.

Eskimo Kiss

^Eskimo kiss.

Is There Anybody In There?

^Is There Anybody in There?

Reading to Baby

^Reading to Baby.

Beautiful Lu

^Beautiful Lu.



Washing Line

^Washing Line.

Front to Back

^Front to Back.

Laying Down

^Lying Down.


^Distant. (Although this looks like a promo for a very strange cop show)

Amelie (Close)


Lu & Amelie

^Lu & Amelie.

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(Deleted comment)
Ely did a fab job. And Lu is certainly enjoying her pregnancy.

Really great pics and Lu is really glowing. I especially love the hug shot.

Ely did a great job, and Lu really enjoyed it.

They're wonderful photo's, such a great keepsake of the pregnancy

Heh, I wonder what Amelie will make of these in years to come? :-)

Thanks Dave! And thanks Ely!

Fab pics :)
Such a lovely thing to keep and treasure :)
I love the ones with Lu and Amelie :)

Ely did some wonders!

Yep, I love the bricks and the tummy. Very inspired by Ely.

Those are so beautiful - you both look so happy!

Thanks Nancy! It was a lovely relaxed evening, and Ely (Lu's friend/photographer) really put us at ease.

Those are fantastic! I love the ones of Amelie's name on Lu's tummy, and of the two of 'Front to Back' and 'Lying down' :)

I thought the blocks would work well when she was setting it up, although I made Lu laugh and they all fell off ;-)

Great photo's.

I laughed at your caption for Distant.

Coming soon on BBC3.

"She was an expectant mother... He was a grizzled cop... Together they are....


Hahaha! Ah, it sounds like something BBC'd come up with, as well... :D

Lovely pictures, Mark. Lu's glowing, and you look like a really proud daddy-to-be :)

LOL, I can also see it on primetime BBC. They'll probably throw in time travel as well.

Glad you like 'em!

"She uses her belly to fight for justice!" :-)

awwww she looks great! :)

I love the pictures. I hope things are improving for you and the baby. aww.

I had a feeling they were going to be special, because of the amount of care that Ely put into it :-)

Beautiful! What a fabulous moment in time, you'll treasure those forever.

Absolutely, a great keepsake :-)

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