The Stainless Steel Rat (stainsteelrat) wrote,
The Stainless Steel Rat

Woke very early after a late night, and around 5 hours sleep. I had a dream about Marian, set in some weird garden centre come office. I was working there and it was the time after we had broken up. I kept seeing her from afar as she was walking away, and I was discussing with her friends how I could get back together with her. The last thing I remember was her dressed in black walking away, and then I forced myself awake. Dreams like this always contaminate real life as I felt incredibly depressed and pissed off when I woke up (I'm sure Marian would think I was "weak and pathetic" for thinking things like this). Anyway I got up, did a couple of things and went back to bed again and just woke up feeling a little more refreshed. I forget how tiredness significantly effects my attitude.

Things are starting to feel very routine: get up, shower, cycle, eat, try and find things to pass the time, go to sleep again. Not a very pleasant feeling. Anyway, I'm not cycling today. My body feels wrecked for some reason, possibly due to the oversleep. Picking my parents up from the airport this evening in theory. In some ways it'll be good to have them back, even if they are responsible for this mess.
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