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Had quite a good afternoon after a fairly depressing start to the day. I finally coerced my Nan into watching Last of the Mohicans, which is such a great movie. Not sure what she made of it, but she said she read the book many years ago.

I did some more work on my web site and uploaded the Donnie Darko script in a fairly basic format. Have added a page for my car, but couldn't take any photos as Barry still has my camera. Will have to borrow Dad's instead, which is better than mine anyway.

Watched the Secretary, which I had a sneaking suspicion would be good, and I wasn't disappointed. Maggie Gyllenhal was absolutely fantastic, and James Spader was in spankingly good form as his usual typecast loonie. It was actually a really tragic but quite real and touching story about a girl from an abusive (albeit mentally) family who was severely into self harm to the point where she had been committed. She was released a few months later back to her family, and of course the same old issues occurred and she was straight back to self harm. She kinda fell into being trained as a Secretary, and then equally fell into applying for a job with Mr. Spader. He noticed that she had a cut on her leg, and determined what she was about, and thus started their weird and kinky relationship as he dominates her (of her free will) and gives her the pain she needs, along with support and love. It also starred Jeremy Davies as her nutty boyfriend (who the family would have rather seen her get together with). Jeremy is a great actor, although seems to be getting typecast as brooding nutters. Although it's easy to think the Secretary is some weird kinky shit, it felt more like a very real life story and relationship with all the highs and lows that go along with them. Very good stuff.

I was waiting later on for my parents flight to show up on the BAA's web site, and it was a little worrying as flights for hours ahead were showing and it was the only one that wasn't. Anyway, at 21:40 the flight suddenly appeared as landing at 21:50. Bollocks. I leaped in the car and sped my way to the airport and for some kooky reason arrived in perfect time to collect them (what with all the faffing around with luggage etc.). Aaaah, nice :-) It's a little weird having them back after essentially having the house to myself for a week, and I was mulling over thoughts of my own house while falling asleep and listening to the Esper Edition.

Looks like it will be a nice day today (unlike yesterday). I'm debating whether to cycle later in the day when it seems I have a little more energy. Not sure what else I can do with myself, but I need to double check all my VB stuff is finished. Now I'm impatiently waiting for my MST3K DVD's to arrive...

...unbelievable. Volume 1 *has* just arrived. That's worryingly quick for seeing that I only ordered it 2-3 days ago?! :-D
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