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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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2009 Round Up
So what were my favourite film, game, album and book from 2009?

Film: A tricky one to select. I had a few 5/5 films, but none really stick out as a clear favourite, unlike 2008. I'll go for Avatar though, as despite the cliché there were some magical moments within. Close seconds are Drag Me To Hell, Shoot 'Em Up (debatably doesn't count being from 2007), and District 9.

Game: Also a little tricky to select, but it has to be Left 4 Dead 2. Close seconds in the form of Borderlands, Red Faction: Guerilla and Plants vs. Zombies. Fallout 3 still featured, but was a carry over from 2008.

Album: Trickiness is again the theme here, as I had two clear favourites. I'll have to opt for Royksopp's Junior though. Despite being lukewarm about it to begin with, it grew on me lots, in combination with going to see them live. A close second is 1 Giant Leap's second album, What About Me? A great album, but not as strong as their first. Favourable mentions to The Prodigy's Invaders Must Die, Flight of the Conchords' I Told You I Was Freaky (slightly cheating, as this was music from their second TV series). 2009 was the weakest year for me yet though in music, highlighting my ability to enjoy new music, or the decline in the music industry. I unhappily suspect the latter is the case. Anecdotally I have around 60 albums in iTunes from 2008, and 20 from 2009.

Book: I'm not sure whether I read Ben Goldacre's Bad Science this year or last. Oh well, it was the only book I remember reading of late. Even so, it was a humdinger. Perhaps I shouldn't have a books category...

What were your favourites?