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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Writer's Block: Killer tomatoes
Deckard in Spinner
What's your favorite cult film of all time, and why? What are the essential ingredients for a cult classic?

Blade Runner. Watched it in my early teens on a tiny portable TV, and have adored it ever since.

Most recently I got to be a blubbering fanboy and have Chinese food with Paul Sammon and Charles Lauzirika, respectively the author of the "Blade Runner bible" (Future Noir) and the producer of the Final Cut DVD/Blu-Ray. And wonderful blokes they are too.

I have also been Internet friends (mostly) with a lovely bunch of BR fans for over a decade now, a group that hail from the original Usenet forum for the film.

As for why I like it: there are very few films that capture a science fiction universe so genuinely, and leave you forgetting that it's not real. Factor into that a wonderfully philosophical story, milestone performances, cinematogprahy that makes you cry, and a magical soundtrack.

One day I will buy the Deckard trench coat and consumate the relationship.

Cult classic ingredients: that you have a cult which follow the film. Blade Runner is one of the original cult classics.

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I hadn't read the writer's block question untill I saw your post, and before I read your reply my first thought was "it's got to be blade runner, is the ultimate cult film" - and then you say it's yours!!

everything you say is spot on, it is such a great film and if I ever got all fanboy over a film it would probably be Blade runner =D

noooooo, I will not be a fanboy!!... not yet anyway :op

Although it is slightly worrying that I know pretty much the whole scripts to red dwarf and blackadder (2, 3 and 4 anyway)..

Sounds like you're already there then! ;-)

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