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The house is pretty much ready for the in-laws.

I set the airbed up yesterday, although I accidentally trod on it while deflated, and the plug for the pump was underneath. An hour after it had been inflated it was deflated again, due to a nice hole in the bottom.

It did come with patches but I couldn't find them anywhere, so I went off to Tesco Extra at midnight and bought a puncture repair kit. It seems to have done the job as the bed hasn't deflated again.

I also popped to Maplin earlier yesterday evening to get a replacement HDMI lead, and a longer fibre optic lead - so now all the AV is hooked up properly. I still need to tidy the cables up. If I can be bothered.

This morning I was mostly deaded due to the man flu. My parents Internet has been offline since Thursday, so I popped over to them in the afternoon. It transpired that Dad had disconnected the router and then connected it up to the phone socket, rather than the ADSL socket. Problem solved. I stayed and had a chat with them for an hour or so. Dad's new BMW has arrived, although it looks almost identical to the old one.

Once I got home the man flu took hold again, and the neuralgia was so bad I felt like someone was trying to rip my eyeballs out. Somehow I fell asleep propped up on the sofa, so it wasn't long before my head dropped and I woke myself up.

Mass Effect 2 unlocked in the wee hours of Friday, but I've not felt like playing it. I've mostly been watching music videos on the Apple TV, with the odd bit of downloaded TV.

Someone pointed out Lu got a baby rocker with an iPod dock at the baby shower yesterday, so I've downloaded some of the Rockabyebaby music from iTunes.

Lu's parents arrive lunchtime tomorrow, so we'll head off to Heathrow around 1pm. Fingers crossed they don't have any issues at passport control. I think it will be very good for them to come here and have a change, particularly after Lu's mum was so resistant.

Apparently babies are more frequently born around the time of a full moon, perhaps a throwback to caveman times? Either way it's T-minus 6 days until Lu is due.
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