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(no subject)
Amélie Amélie
Another really tough day with Amélie. She's been crying on and off all day, but along with the crying it's also the intensity.

I quite honestly felt ill with all the crying. It made me feel very stressed, and I could feel a tightness across my chest.

It probably doesn't help that I was already really tired, and had a bad night.

In other news...

I really like this Charlie Brooker article. I find the guy annoyingly acerbic - I don't really do acerbic - but the article's a bit of genius. And I would rather I was not in the 60%.

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Has the health visitor any ideas about Amélie's crying?

Lu went to the GP last week for the 6 week check up, and she didn't seem able to offer any advice, other than what we're already doing; giving Infacol.

She stated what a lot of other folks have said, that this will only last for 12-16 weeks. Here's hoping!

It does just suddenly disapear, it took a while before we realised we hadn't been holding a screaming baby all evening.

Is she napping much? One thing that contributed was Finn would stay awake for an 8-10 hour stretch which would mean he was colicy and way overtired.

She is pretty good about going to sleep, eventually. I reckon she naps every 2-3 hours, and if anything she's more asleep than she is awake.

It feels like when she's awake she's crying, and the rest of the time she's asleep. Not quite true I suspect, but it does feel that way.

I'm concerned that she's in the rocker and swing so much because we're trying to calm her down.

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