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As it says on my profile, I'm a conflicted capitalist hippy, or hippy capitalist, for lack of a better description.

The primary driver for leaving Brazil, 3 years ago, was to get a job... a decent job. Also to have some money, and to rejoin the UK rat race; I had a huge fear of not starting a mortgage and a private pension.

3 years on, and now that I'm back in the rat race, I can't help but hanker for Brazil again. Having a job back here hasn't exactly been a joy. Being in the rat race hasn't been much of a joy either.

Being back in Brazil would definitely not be living in Sao Paulo city, but perhaps Botucatu where some of Lu's family live. Sao Paulo city is a big dirty ugly place. Botucatu on the other hand isn't exactly picturesque, but it's not polluted, is a lot smaller, and has a lot better weather. It's also surrounded by green for miles and miles.

I would be lucky to get a job full stop in Botucatu, let alone anything even vaguely decent. Circumstances are different to 3 years ago, and I can't see that I'd have a stipend.

I guess it's all about quality of life, and what makes you happy. And more importantly, being sure of it, if that's possible.
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