The Stainless Steel Rat (stainsteelrat) wrote,
The Stainless Steel Rat

Woke up early and tired, so went back to sleep on the proviso I would shake it and now I've woken up with that "clubbed over the head" feeling. Where has the nice weather gone? Oh the humanity! Strange thing is that I feel very warm, even though it's only about 15 degrees and the wind is rushing through my room (as all the windows are open).

I had a weird dream that I was at some strange University. Marion and Petra were there, and all I can remember is playing football with them. What is it they say, that "a dream is an answer to a question we haven't asked". Well what the hell kinda question (and answer) was this?!

Shawshank Redemption arrived, and so did the CD, but for some reason I got the earlier Sum 41 album rather than the later one. I checked the e-mail receipts and it shows the earlier one. So now I have 3 copies of it! Bugger (I can't remember how I had 2 copies of it before, but there must be a good reason). How the heck did that happen. I tried to reorder it from CDWOW, but it was giving me issues with my login and every time I used "add to cart" it wasn't added. Not very helpful for a shopping site. So I gave up and re-ordered it at higher cost from this time, and double checked it's the *right* one. I'm not that keen to have it, but I like a couple of songs and want some decent MP3 rips. I've definitely paid for it (in triplicate), and really can't afford mistakes like this :-(
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