The Stainless Steel Rat (stainsteelrat) wrote,
The Stainless Steel Rat

So off I went to Guilfest yesterday.

Originally I had planned to go directly from work, but driving there I felt awful, so I decided to check when Augusto was leaving and go home instead. I'm glad that I checked as he was still 2 hours from getting there, so I went home and slept for an hour or so.

I still got to Guildford before Augusto, so did a quick drive around Stoke Park. After all my concerns about parking, there was plenty. I debated whether to park up and then walk down to meet Augusto at the station, but on reflection it seemed like a daft idea, so instead I just drove down to the station and waited. It was still 30 minutes or so before Augusto arrived anyway.

Once I had Augusto we went and parked at my colleague's house, as arranged, and it was only a 10 minute walk to Stoke Park.

There was a long queue just to get tickets exchanged for wristbands, which meant I heard but didn't see The (Beautiful) South. Shucks.

Once in I grabbed some food, as Augusto wasn't hungry, and a beer (there was an amazing variety of food there, and it all looked really good). Then after a quick stroll around we watched 65daysofstatic. They were really good, and I loved the contemporary sound, or so it felt to me. I've listened to part of their album subsequently, but it doesn't match their live performance.

Then there was another quick stroll around, followed by Hadouken! I have their 2008 album, but it's all very samey, with one semi-stand out track. Similar to the previous though they were excellent live, and much more interesting (with tracks from more than just the one album) that their studio performance.

Then it was another stroll, with a quick visit to Dreadzone playing on another stage (I have a couple of their albums following a recommendation). Excellent if you like reggae dub, but I'm not a huge fan.

Then it was time for the final act of the day, and the headliners, Orbital. They were good, albeit played a slightly odd set of a handful of very long and substantially modified tracks that all merged into one another, sort of. I guess it's inevitable when you've been on the scene for a good few years, and perhaps you've got regular fans who want something different. Or perhaps that's their usual live set.

I was barely compus mentus unfortunately at this point, although fortunately compus mentus enough to enjoy it. I had my camera with 300mm lens, which is an unwieldy beast, and was trying to protect my camera bag. It was a pretty good crowd, but even so it didn't work well in the middle of the audience. So there I was, carrying the damn camera, trying to stop the camera bag from being trodden on, coughing up my lungs, and feeling shit. More on that in a friends-only post, to follow.

And then it was all over, with what felt like a much longer walk back to the car.

Of course I was full of beans when I got home, although managed to get to sleep around 1am. I had a serious case of the munchies, which I attribute to the vast number of jazz cigarettes in the audience. I then woke up fairly abruptly at 4am, around the time the Lemsip was supposed to be wearing off. I took another one, but as I was awake I used the time to sort out the photos, then it was back to bed briefly.

Unfortunately my Orbital photos were fairly crap, due to lack of light, and lack of sufficiently good enough camera. This was the best of a bad bunch. On reflection I was probably stupid to try and take a massive camera and also try and enjoy the concert. The two combined don't really work, and one or the other has to take priority.

Orbital - One Decent Pic?

You can see the rest here.

Then I was up around 9am this morning, as I had to open up the office for the cleaners, who are doing a deep clean of the office reception area. What I could have done without was discovering that some idiot (possibly me) had left the freezer door open. I have no idea when it was left open, but everything had thawed. I haven't opened the freezer since Thursday evening, so that seems the most likely time. Fortunately, or not, there is a sort of pocket in the base of the freezer which caught the limited amount of water, although I then had to find a way of decanting it from the shallow pocket into something else. For some reason the fridge seemed to have turned off as well, as it was 15C. All very confusing. So I had to clean up all the water, clean up all the food, and then get sorted to leave for the office. Thankfully both the fridge and freezer seem to have sprung back into life.

Anyway, the office was opened up, and I had planned to do some emergency lighting tests. Except I discovered one of the distribution boards was locked, and there was no key. So that plan was scratched, and I headed back home. Despite feeling like crap I made a start on tidying up before Lu comes back tomorrow. All that's left to do is a good vacuum, dust, kitchen floor and shower room clean. I also need to dismantle the huge table in the spare room so that we can fit the spare bed in there.

In 40 minutes or so I need to go back to the office to let the cleaners out again. Then I need to buy more Lemsip. And then it's off to see Inception, in another solo cinema outing. From what I hear it sounds like the film of 2010.

Lu and Amélie (and Patricia, Lu's friend, who is staying for a couple of weeks) are due to arrive around 3pm tomorrow.
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