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Inception (2010). Written and directed by Christopher Nolan. The film starts with an unconscious man (Leonardo DiCaprio) washed up on a beach. He wakes up, and before we know it he is being carried into a room to face an ancient oriental looking man. The two things he is carrying are put on the table, a gun and a small metal toy. And so the story unfolds. This is the peculiar start to Inception, and sets the tone for the rest of the film. Without giving too much away, the story is based around dreams, and said story is weaved particularly well by Mr. Nolan. In fact Inception does pretty much everything well, from the strong performances, to the great effects (both physical and CG). And much as I don't like DiCaprio, his over use as much as anything else, he is reasonable in this. There are only three nits that I would pick. Firstly the casting of Ellen Page, and some of the scenes involving her, which don't feel right. Secondly, the constant use of music, which even as background got irritating. Thirdly, some of the direction and pacing; sometimes the scenes feel a little emotionless and lacking in atmosphere, and despite being exquisitely crafted, they just don't grab you (or didn't grab me). Those who love intelligent science fiction, although the bias is perhaps more on the fiction, should love this. Those who like their films simple and couldn't cope with Memento, an obvious parallel, should avoid. For me, a lover of intelligent sci-fi and originality in film, it has to be a perhaps charitable 5/5 (Superb).

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I didn't, but virtually everyone else in the cinema did as the final scene cut to black. From what I've read online it's been pretty common. It's a bit annoying really since Ice heard conflicting reports about whether the totem topples or not after the screen cuts to black. It definitely starts to falter, both visibly and audibly, but I didn't hear it topple due to the audience making noises. I don't think it makes much difference anyway since the meaning of the totem falling is completely open ended anyhow.

FWIW I thought it was the best film I've seen in a long time.

You do hear a slight wobble in the noise when it fades to black. I guess it was inevitable with the nature of the story that it would have an open ended ending. But by the same token, Cobb saw his kids' faces, and I think you have to grant him the happy ending. Sometimes this open ending thing can just be annoying.

Certainly the best 2010 film I've seen this year, and I suspect it has the edge on the last year or two.

I heard and saw it falter right before it cut to black. Some people are saying that you actually hear it stop and hit the table but I couldn't hear anything past the cut due to the audience.

Personally I think there's enough in there to support several contradictory conclusions. Personally I'm erring on the idea that he never left limbo, the while film was a fabrication and that the point at which the totem falters is Cobb accepting the inception that forms the basis of the film.

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