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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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(no subject)
Computer Fail
Forgot to mention, I seem to be suffering from appointment fail this week.

Firstly I missed my haircut appointment on Thursday. For some reason I had it locked in my head that it was 6:15pm, whereas it was at 5:15pm. I got a put out message from the hairdresser at 6pm asking if I wanted to recshedule, but luckily she was still available so I went over there. It does only take 10 minutes to cut my hair anyway.

Then when I went to the cinema yesterday I walked up to my seat and there was a bloke sitting in it. "D9?", I said. "D9", he replied. "Ah, I have D9", I said. "So do I", he replied looking rather put out, "I pre-booked my tickets". "So did I", I thought, but he got out his ticket and there it was, D9. I looked again at my ticket and saw "Sunday". "Oh balls", I thought. He hadn't noticed, so I just said, "I'll find somewhere else to sit, no worries". Bemusing that both the guy who gave me my ticket, and the guy who took half of my ticket, didn't notice. Then I had to play seat shuffle a couple of times, to try and find a seat that wasn't occupied by arriving punters. Although I ended up four rows from the front, the seat was actually a lot comfier than the VIP seat (I didn't get the usual bum ache), and the screen was awesomely sized :-) (amazing how things get bigger as you get closer)

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(Deleted comment)
On hindsight, the guy giving me the ticket did give me a slightly strange look. The cold has made me partly deaf though, so perhaps I wasn't listening properly.

I once turned up for a osteopath appointment 24 hours early, but as I was feeling better I didn't bother rescheduling

You haven't been feeling well, it's not surprising

Heh, that could explain it. The ole brainbox is hardly at optimum efficiency at the best of times ;-)

(Deleted comment)
I know quite a few folks that get motion sickness at the cinema, and one that can't go because of it. Luckily these seats weren't too far forward, but I remember seeing Saving Private Ryan when the seat was what felt like mere inches from the screen, and all the actors looked like dwarves.

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