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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2009). Directed by Niels Arden Oplev and based on the book by Stieg Larsson. Set in Sweden, the film starts with Mikael Blomkvist (Michael Nyqvist) losing a libel case for a magazine he works for as an investigative journalist. He is sentenced to 3 months in jail, but doesn't realise he is being head-hunted via the researcher and hacker Lisbeth (Noomi Rapace). Lisbeth is working for the aged Henrik Vanger, the head of a powerful family, who wants to know after 40 years why his niece vanished during a family reunion; every year on his birthday he receives a package with a framed pressed flower, that she used to send before she disappeared. Vagner promises Blomkvist that he has evidence that will overturn the libel case, in return for investigating where his niece has gone. And so the story unfolds. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is a very tough but arguably rewarding watch, with topics of rape and child abuse mixed up with murder. The core detective story is interesting, and fantastically presented with great performances all round. And strapped onto this is a great soundtrack, that seems surprising for a "small" Swedish film. Those who like their detective stories, and can cope with the tough material, will really enjoy this. Those who don't like the topics presented should avoid. A charitable 5/5 (Superb)

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I'm really keen to see this one as I am really enjoying all the books.

It's really rich in detail, so I can see how the book would be a great read, and arguably better for that reason than the film (if these things can ever be compared).

I loved it, although naturally the book was better

I always maintain that a book is different ;-)

This was an amazing movie. I'm sad the other 2 aren't available on Netflix. I may have to resort to other means.

I stupidly hadn't clicked they had turned the others into films. Just spotted this a couple of hours ago, and am already using other means! :-D

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