The Stainless Steel Rat (stainsteelrat) wrote,
The Stainless Steel Rat

Money's too tight to mention. A combination of credit card bill (with car insurance) and a tad of overspend on the bank account mean that I'm financially banjaxed. This makes getting a job a little more pressing, as I will go nuts if I have no money, and I really can't afford to spend any more on "leisure pursuits" *at all*. No Doozers? No Doozers. The job situation is really starting to piss me off anyway. Almost 6 months now, and no interviews?! What the fuck is going on. It's not just the money, the boredom is starting to get to me, even if it's just the life variety a job might offer. Some of these jobs I could have done standing on my head with my hands tied behind my back whilst immersed in a tub of strawberry jelly. What is going wrong my job applications? I've not just applied for easy jobs, I've applied for middling jobs and harder types. <Raises both middle fingers to the job market and moronic HR departments> If I understand my Nan correctly I'm getting a cash bonus on my birthday, but that's still a couple of months off and it's awful when things like this just go on paying off old bills. Fuccccccck.

I have the remnants of a dream. I think I was in Switzerland and trying desperately to get back to England, only there were all sorts of weird issues with planes, or driving by car, and the necessity of taking lots of baggage with me. It wasn't very pleasant.

The French girl (Isabelle) sent a further e-mail. I guess I'll hang on before replying, as part of the age old tedious game of courtship. I mentioned I was unemployed previously, and surprisingly this didn't put her off. Maybe I'll add that I'm living with my parents, that'll probably be the coup de grace.

I also received the Down By Law DVD I ordered. This is all Tanja's fault for making me want to find out what film "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!" is from. Plus I was after some more comedy, and this is supposed to be very funny. No more DVD's <slap wrist>
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