The Stainless Steel Rat (stainsteelrat) wrote,
The Stainless Steel Rat

So I managed to recover the amp from it's PROTECTOR (FAN) error by leaving it unplugged for a few minutes, a trick I discovered when it previously went wrong. But a day or so later it did it again, and again, and again (including today). It's working again now, but I've been looking at replacements.

I need something with at least 4 HDMI inputs, and ideally auto setup and upscaling. Aside from the essential HDMI it just needs to be a good quality amp. I like the idea that audio is now carried over the HDMI, so that saves on the additional fibre optic cables.

Here are the choices so far...

Denon AVR-1910 - The What Hi-Fi amp of 2009. So I checked whether it was a bit long in the tooth, and it looks like it is. Doesn't do upscaling. Has 4 HDMIs. Can do auto setup. Street price of £400 (at

Sony STR-DH810 - Another 2009 amp really. Cheaper than the Denon, and doesn't do upscaling either. Has 4 HDMIs. Can do auto setup. Street price of £315 (at

Onkyo TX-SR608 - This is much more 2010, and was based on a recommendation from AVForums. Also gets 5 stars over at What Hi-Fi. Has 5 HDMIs, upscaling, and auto setup. It's also 3D ready apparently, which seems to be some issue related to HDMI version. Yes, even AV connectors have versions and compatibility now. Erk. Out of stock at so clearly popular. Other sites seem to sell for around £400-450.

Yamaha RX-V767 - Another 2010 amp as I understand it, and a direct competitor to the Onkyo, also based on a recommendation from AVForums. Too new for What Hi-Fi? Not sure, but not reviewed there yet. Has 6 HDMIs (plus 2 out), upscaling, and auto setup. 3D ready. More expensive than the Onkyo though. Not even listed at Other sites seem to sell for £600, so getting pricey.

Yamaha RXV-2065 - Not sure of the date for this one, but is apparently a stonking deal at the moment, and typically half SRP. Also not reviewed on What Hi-Fi. Has 5 HDMIs (plus 2 out), upscaling, and auto setup. Ethernet capable, for Internet radio, but I'd never use that. Seems to sell for around £600, so again pricey, but with a lot of bang for your buck.

So far I'm taken with the Onkyo and the second Yamaha. The Onkyo appears to be a solid piece of kit, with nothing but positive reviews, and a good price. The second Yamaha is presumably older, but is clearly a better quality piece of kit for the money. Despite that, I'm still thinking Onkyo.

Let's see if the Sony dies before I push the button to buy. Not a great month for amp replacement, what with Merc MoT, servicing and tax. May be best to hang on for the MoT/servicing, to see if there's any nightmares.

I wish review sites would put dates on their reviews, including release date of kit. Would make it much easier to review.
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