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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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(no subject)
A relatively brief and somewhat random trailer round up:

Adjustment Bureau. Starring Mattttttttttt Damonnnnnnn as some bloke what encounters a secretive group that are readjusting time. He fights secretive group all due to some woman etc. etc. Terence Stamp plays one of secretive group, but looks a bit daft. Could be good, could be a bit naff. Based on a Philip K Dick story though. Release date a long way off though, in March 2011.

Buried. Another in the minimal film genre, where bloke wakes up buried he knows not where. All he has with him is a lighter and a mobile phone, with which he must solve the mystery of who buried him, and where he is. Looks alright, although rounding the story off well will be the key. Release date 29th Sep.

Freakonomics. They turned it into a film? Should be interesting. No UK release date that I can find.

Monsters. Has some echoes of District 9, but deals with a crashed satellite that spreads an evolutionary altering substance across Central America. The couple in the film have to travel across it. Looks interesting. Also a British SF film. Released 12th Nov.

Skyline. UFOs descend on LA, with a view to harvesting mankind. Think serious Independence Day. Effects look excellent, and the film might be as well with a decent story. No UK release date that I can find, but out in Nov in the US of A.

Tron Legacy. Nuff said. December.

127 Hours. More from Danny Boyle, telling the true story of a hard partying US rock climber that ends up amputating his own arm after being trapped under a boulder for 5 days. Possibly not as feel good as Slumdog Milliner, or maybe it will be. Out in November by the looks of it.