The Stainless Steel Rat (stainsteelrat) wrote,
The Stainless Steel Rat

And in Amélie news...

As per last time, no dramatic changes that I can perceive.

Her vocabulary of baby phrases has probably increased a bit - every now and then we get a "dada" (which has evolved from "dadadadadadada...", although I couldn't say for sure that she connects it with me (other than possibly one event).

I've started watching In the Night Garden with her (which my Facebook friends have already been deluged by). She only pays attention about a third of the time*, but that's increasing. It's a really fantastic programme, of the sort that's rare but typical of Auntie Beeb. Really it's just an evolution of Teletubbies, but a good one.

*I was watching it with her today, and I thought she was paying 100% attention, but it waned after 2-3 minutes. She does go back to watching it though, but playing with other things at the same time e.g. laughing at herself in the mirror.

Her movement is still much the same, that is rolling and pulling herself around. She gets stuck every now and then, and cries out when she does, but is fairly mobile. No crawling or walking.

The baby development books are amusing. They tell you what a baby should or shouldn't have achieved at say 8 months, then go on to tell you that baby's develop at different rates, with some not achieving said requirement until years later. They even give you the signs of your baby being highly intelligent. It's a bit of a double edged sword, because you should never underestimate the ability for parents to worry about the tiniest thing. Nor the hope that their baby is some sort of genius and/or special. It's only human I suppose.
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