The Stainless Steel Rat (stainsteelrat) wrote,
The Stainless Steel Rat

So thumbs up for my local GP's, as I managed to get through at 8am, and get an appointment at 9:10am. A sort of thumbs up for my GP as well, as she was sympathetic, listened, and willing to try something.

She looked back at the history, and said that perhaps I'm suffering an allergy that will present "randomly", and therefore all the previous testing would not necessarily pick up symptoms at the right time - which has definitely been my thinking. So taking a fresh tack she wants me to have a blood test (next Tuesday) for any sign of allergic reaction, and she prescribed some anti-histamines (to take after I've had the blood test). She also wants me to complete a food/symptoms diary.

She described the type of allergy as "physical urticaria", because one of the symptoms is urticaria, and that type of inflammation could be happening internally as well, hence the nausea. Symptoms so far seem to be, in order of the PitA to me:

1. Nausea/Vomiting - the latter being more prevalent than ever before. Also some stomach pains and just a general sensitisation of that area
2. Myalgia, headaches, and a general malaise
3. Tiredness - arguably part of the general malaise
4. Urticaria - the rash is annoying, but inconsequential compared to the above

I'm not enamoured by the allergy idea, partly because identifying the cause could be a nightmare. I still have slight concerns, 2 years on, that it could be something in the house. Although logic says that's bollocks, because of the variable nature of the response. Thanks to the wonders of LiveJournal (and LJArchive) I checked back over the year. The symptoms don't go away, but there's a definite emphasis towards the latter half of the year, often around Sep/Oct/Nov.

Today I feel crap, but I can't quite tell if it's the return of the cold part 2, or whatever this thing is. I just feel myalgia and something on my chest, so it could even be a mix. I had to lie down for 3-4 hours (I've just got up) because I simply felt dreadful. I feel like I'm in a bit of a dreamlike state, which is hardly ideal for my last day or so with Lu and Amélie. Could be worse I guess.
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