The Stainless Steel Rat (stainsteelrat) wrote,
The Stainless Steel Rat

What a night.

Probably because of my earlier nap my sleep patterns were disrupted. I don't remember an awful lot, but I remember being awake until 1:30am. Then some snow must have slid off the roof, because there was this peculiar crunching noise in the wee hours that woke me up and scared the bejesus out of me. I thought there was an axe murderer in the loft, which is all stegzy's fault.

It rained during the night, so the snow has partly gone. I gritted our path, which had become a block of ice, and that has completely melted away now.

I feel a bit lost without my desktop - sad isn't it. It's my "IT hub" for lack of a better description, which has all my key files on. I was hoping to do some website work during the weekend, so I can't do that now. It isn't helping that I've got a whole empty Saturday ahead of me, without a clue what to do. Well that's not technically true. I have things I can do, I just don't feel like doing them, and am not sure what else to do. I suspect a lot of mooching and vegging is on the cards.

The plan for tomorrow is/was/is to hit the cinema - I really ought to get out and do something, and buying the tickets will force my hand. I was going to watch HP 7 Part 1 and Monsters. Probably still will. Debating whether to try Camberley for the first time, or stick with the old faithful Basingstoke. The former apparently has insane parking but is closer, and probably isn't as big as Basingstoke. I need to check when Tron: Legacy is out as well, in case I can see that before I leave for Brazil. Camberley isn't showing Monsters, so that solves one problem. And Tron: Legacy is out the day I fly to Brazil, so that solves the other problem.

In the cold light of the morning I'm now having doubts about the whole hypothyroid diagnosis. I was probably oversimplifying, and clutching at straws. I need to relax a bit, and wait for medical tests, before setting my mind 100% on a self formed diagnosis. If the GP here is difficult about getting a test for it I could always have it done in Brazil, although that means bringing the results back here and trying to get it resolved, if positive.

While my desktop was running I managed to obtain all the music in Misfits Season 2 Ep 4, so I'm listening to that for now. There are some genius-like obvious and not so obvious music selections. They sometimes use some really esoteric heavy electronic music, which I love to bits. So far Season 2 Ep 2 has had the best music, no doubt helped by the clubbing sequence. As for Misfits itself , not sure about the "Future Simon" timeline. It has stepped out of the "real" feel the series has, well as real as you can get with teenagers that have superpowers. If this is part of a larger story arc then hopefully it will make more sense later on. Ep 4 was confusing as well, because there wasn't a clear reason why the protagonist was doing what he was doing. I really feel for them, trying to keep the quality of the writing so high. Don't lose your shit Misfits. Please.

Lu has posted another video of Amélie out in Brazil, with her mum. Amélie's doing her "fish face" where she purses her lips together (which Lu calls kissing, but I'm not convinced). The waving is blowing my mind though, because it seems such a change in her. And I'm missing all this! *sadface*

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