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Had a fantastic day. At the moment there is simply nothing I enjoy more than spending time with my nephews. This probably sounds a bit nuts (or lazy, or something), but I find adults rather boring and/or unpleasant company in the main. Kids are just so full of energy, innocence, and happiness. They never mess you around, and aren't complicated. They tell you exactly what they feel. When they love you they *really* love you, and when they hate you they *really* hate you. For the first time in days/weeks I felt alive, if that makes sense.

We went swimming with Mum, Dad, Sam and Joshua in the morning at the place local to Jo's. I've never been there before and it was great fun. It has water slides, a wave pool, water jets, and lots of other stuff. I was sequested into going down the water slide at least a thousand times with one of the nephews in tow. Also we had lots of fun in the pool, getting within a few inches of the wave generator and jumping the waves. We had to get to the wrinkled prune state before we decided to leave.

After this we watched The Goodies for a bit. I thought the silly humour might appeal to the twins, and they both seemed to love it. Sam had serious giggle fits at several points. Then we went shopping, or window shopping anyway, at Hempstead. Back again and some more Goodies (demanded by the nephews, or The Geedies as Joshua insisted on calling them). The 'ecky thump kung fu episode was absolutely hilarious.

Then we went off for a lovely meal at the Beefeater. I was totally stuffed, and gave some of my meal to Sam and Josh who had noshed through theirs before we'd finished our starters.

Anyway, I was starting to fade at this point so made my goodbyes and left Mum and Dad to it. It was a lovely drive and a light blast back on the motorways, during a gorgeous sunset. Unfortunately my speedo has gone a bit haywire, so I'll need to get that checked out.
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