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What a beautiful morning. I've been up since 8, despite a 1 or 2am snooze point. Sleep... boo hoo :-(

Currently the sky is blue, other than vapour trails which are bookin' across it. It also feels lovely and warm as the sun is beaming in through the window.

I remember watching this excellent documentary at 1 or 2am about strange aircraft. It included the solar powered plane that crossed the channel (I'm sure everyone remembers this). The same team have built and are fine tuning a second aircraft (the Helios/Centurion, with a 60m wingspan) that is designed to fly for long periods of time and potentially replace satellites. They are also researching craft with flapping wings and have built several rudimentary but promising prototypes. Fascinating stuff.

I just dropped my Pronto, and in a panic stricken moment it started showing errors about corrupted configurations. Thankfully I managed to load a configuration backup back onto it. Phew! This has been a mighty useful beastie, and I would hate to be without it.

I'm so glad I got this guy, especially after my recent resurrection of The Goodies, and them being chased by a 20 foot long version.

A scruffy, sugar craving brown dog, You're rude, arrogant, and probably have brown teeth. You love to daydream, but you have a great sense of humour (if a little dark at times), a
"I've got a call you something," said
Brian. "Try 'Sir', said Dougal.

Which Magic Roundabout Character Are You?
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Now I really need to go and do something less boring instead... SpongeBob's on!

SpongeBob: Maybe if I go and talk to Patrick he can ease my guilt...
Patrick: It sounds like it's all your fault.
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