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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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My 2010 Faves
BB Piano
As is the tradition (although I can't find my 2008 or 2009 posts?!) here's my favourite bits of media from 2010...

Film - reviewing my film scores there was just one 2010 film that got a 5/5, and that was Inception. As I wrote recently it feels flawed, and I'm not a huge fan of Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio, or Ellen Paige, but there you have it. I did enjoy it more the second time around, and I gotta go with the scores! I did watch some great films in 2010, and caught up with a lot of under-the-radar stuff which I always love, but most of it wasn't produced in 2010. Here's wishing for a good year in 2011.

TV - There were some classic TV series in 2010, such as Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, and Big Bang Theory - albeit none of these are specifically new to 2010 - but one that stood head and shoulders above the rest for me was Misfits (even short term readers may have spotted this). It's not the sort of thing I would have expected to like, and as written about before I almost passed it by when I watched the first 10 minutes and turned it off. But it turned out to be one of my most addictive TV series experiences, with great writing, superb acting and direction, and some corking music to boot. Misfits isn't strictly something new in 2010, but 2010 was when I discovered it, and Series 2 was certainly new for 2010. Here's hoping they can keep it up for Series 3 in 2011.

Album - A difficult choice, with new albums from a handful of favourites including Royksopp, William Orbit, Massive Attack, Gotan Project, The Chemical Brothers, Babybird, Faithless and Jamiroquai. Some of them were even quite good. About the only band that were new for me in 2010 were Hadouken, helped by watching them live in Guildford (the new/pop music scene continues its stagnation IMO). But the most consistently good and listenable to album had to be Underworld's Barking.

Game - I didn't have a lot of patience or time for games in 2010, despite getting a fair few. The favourite though without much doubt was Fallout: New Vegas. Bugged and clunky in places, but still wonderfully addictive. I've yet to finish it, unlike Fallout 3. We'll see if I manage in 2011.

Book - I read at least 3 books in 2010! A miracle in itself, based on my reading habits of the last few years. All three were really good, which makes it difficult to choose. I can't promise any were published in 2010... did I mention I READ 3 BOOKS?! The one that gripped me the most though was 3,096 Days by Natascha Kampusch - an often horrifying autobiography of a girl kept prisoner for years. Natascha is one heck of a writer though, and her reflections on her life both before and during the imprisonment are really insightful and honest. The other two books were The Stainless Steel Rat Returns by Harry Harrison, which was a consistent Rat book (and the first in 11 years!), and Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King, a collection of four short stories that are really engrossing and beautifully written.

What were your faves?

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I'm really rubbish at things like this as I tend to only discover things about 5 years after they came out! However -- my favourite game this year has probably been Fallout: New Vegas. I think I only got started on Fallout 3 this year, too -- and there was Mass Effect 2 (or was it last year?!) and Dragon Age: Origins. And I've just finished KotOR 2... have Fallout 1 and 2 to play, though, and Jade Empire! See.... so far behind! :D

As for albums -- last album I got and enjoyed was Muse's Resistance, but that might have been last year too. Apart from that, I've got really into some 50s stuff due to FO:NV so Andy got me Kay Kyser's CD for xmas (Jingle Jangle!!). It rocks. But I don't think it's a 2010 release :D

We did see some films over summer time -- Toy Story 3 was probably my favourite. I also saw a few lovefilm films for the first time this year which I really enjoyed -- 'In the Valley of Elah' and 'Seven Pounds' were both awesome. I got 'Everybody's Fine' on DVD as well, and really enjoyed it. And the A-Team was enjoyable enough :D

When it comes to most things this year I've seen them too late to include. Despite cheating on books :-)

I'm fairly sure Mass Effect 2 was this year, but much like Dragon Age I just couldn't get into it.

I've yet to see Toy Story 3. I'm waiting for the hype to die down as I feel compromised by it, LOL.

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