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BB Piano
Luckily the cough didn't worsen last night. Amélie woke up around 11pm, if I recall correctly. She had fallen asleep at 6pm, so we hadn't been able to give her dinner. She seemed really unhappy, so the decision was to feed her. We put her back to sleep around midnight. Next time though I think we'll have to wake her so she eats at the right time, and sticks with a routine.

I forget what times she woke up during the night, there was at least one time.

This morning it was all about tidy, preparation, tidy, preparation. I went to Farnborough to get some helium balloons, and had to walk back to the car with this huge bag of balloons. They just fit in the boot. Once home I brought them into the house, and left them floating up by the hall ceiling. I checked a sign by the front door, and looked back, and a breeze had somehow sucked the balloon bag out the front door, and they were floating away. In a hilarious comical moment I ended up chasing them down the road, swearing like crazy, and by some amazing fluke I managed to just catch the end of the bag.

The afternoon was lovely. Lots of lovely people and non-stop fun. Amélie was a bit tired and whingy to start with, but eventually she came round.

Lu and I were already shattered at the end of the party, but tidying up has guaranteed we're almost comatose. If we don't sleep well tonight...

In other news...

Amélie has conjunctivitis in her left eye. It's a bit gunky, red and swollen, but nothing too serious yet. I seem to have caught it as well, as from late afternoon my left eye is also feeling really sore.

And a couple of photos from today...


^Amélie chewing on something.


^The balloons I *almost* lost.

All 16 photos in the set are here.

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love the balloons, glad you didn't lose them

After all I'd gone through to get them I would have been gutted!

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