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Writer's Block: The start of something wonderful
Book Love
What is your favorite opening line of a book, and why?

See daz71's post :-)

Like several friends, The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy was a book like no other for me, albeit I first encountered it via the (prior-to-the-novel) radio series. I'd never read (or listened to) such a perfect blend of comedy in my life, but more so such an honest look at life in general (albeit via comedy). I have yet to read anything equal or better since. It shaped my sense of humour and outlook on life from a young age, or perhaps more so I found an author that seemed to think in the same way that I did, albeit on the next level.

I only enjoyed the first two books (and their radio equivalents). I felt the series went off in a different direction from that point, and not one I enjoyed much at all.

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Although I enjoy the later books enough, the first two were always my favourites. I read the book after watching the telly series when I was 9. We were due to go over to Boston that July, and I was horrified that I might miss the last episode but thankfully it finished just before we left. I then read the book, and I still have my original copy with a tiny heart shaped sticker on the top, because I loved it so much :D

I describe my first encounter with Hitch-hikers here in a roundabout sort of way :-)

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