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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Mercedes Still
Laptop's still going great, albeit only 3 days since I got it. Very impressed so far. Trackpad is the only niggle, but I can't seem to adjust the sensitivity.

Thought I'd also mention the Merc, as it's around 1 year since I bought it. Still thrilled to bits with it. Performs adequately for what I need, is a pleasure to drive (smooth and comfortable), and still looks great to me (both inside and outside). I very quickly got used to the automatic gearbox, which makes light of driving generally, but particularly traffic jams - I suspect I'll be looking for an automatic Merc for my next car, whenever that is. The panoramic sunroof is the icing on the cake, at least when the UK weather is good enough.

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I find it hard to believe people still drive geared cars, automatics are such a joy!

I suspect a large part of it is tradition, combined with cars that have less than excellent auto gearboxes.

Our mercedes is an automatic too. Worth its weight in gold when stuck in traffic.

Absolutely. The gearbox is damn smooth!

I love it so far. Can't imagine what a C350 is like! Would love to have one, but also have to be sensible :-)

Yeah its a nice little runner

LOL, and the rest! What do you think of it? Although I'll never be able to afford an E Class!

I think of it as a spaceship, it literally has more gadgets than you could ever want/need. I mean nightvision, its a gimic but rarely used. But it drives like a dream, not one single problem (and thank god its not a year old yet), its smooth as anything but goes like shit off a shovel!

Whatever you're working in, can I have a job please! ;-)

More the husbands job than mine really

Drove an auto in America and found it very strange; waiting for kick-down was a pain in the arse. I don't spend much time in stop-start traffic and can see how it would be a benefit there, but I much prefer being in control of my gear changes.

The Merc, she is nice though.

Edited at 2011-02-07 10:22 pm (UTC)

The control issue was my fear, but the gearbox is very well made, and does all I want. Even if I did feel like a gear change I have the switches on the steering wheel, but I have never used them, and never switched it to manual.

A good automatic gearbox is awesome. Mine's an auto and when I tell people I always get the typical "Ugh herp derp don't you hate it and I bet it's slow having to wait for it to change gears blah blah". Until I take them out in it and they tell me how they can't even feel it changing gear. I don't think I'd bother with a manual again.

My feeling exactly. I'm sure it's 90% down to people not having tried a decent auto for long enough. The more automation the better as far as I'm concerned - I love cruise control as well, not that there's much chance to use it in the UK.

I think the other thing people who don't drive automatics to any extent don't understand is that with an auto you control the gearbox with the throttle. Often they get in to an auto and drive it with a binary accelerator.

I suspect it doesn't work for those who have a lead foot, and want to rev the nuts off the engine at every gear change. I pity their car!

There's plenty of chance in the UK for cruise control - I use it to and from work most days!

There wasn't on my commute. All stop start :-(

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