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I used the Kindle app for the first time last night. I thought it better to stick with this for books in case I get the Kindle device.

I had tried to use the app before, but for some reason it wouldn't sync up with my Amazon account. After a bit of messing around I got that to work. I still had two problems though:

1. When trying to search the Kindle shop it's made fundamentally difficult by a classic piece of bad page design. Directly below the search box is a link, and when trying to type things into the search box autocorrect can come up. I was trying to search on an author's name, Herwitz, which the iPhone kept wanting to correct. I would hit the "x" button to stop the correction, but this would often select the link that the autocorrect box covered. I ended up opening 6 tabs of the Kindle shop.

2. It seems to take a fair few minutes before the purchase registers with Amazon and then synchronises. I gave up with it last night, but it synchronised this morning. Not great for immediate access of books.

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I wonder why yours didn't sync immediately. I'm amazed at how quickly the books download to my kindle.

I tried several times and just gave up. Not sure whether it's a processing delay with the payment, or something else?

Not sure?

When I order a book through the amazon website, after receiving the receipt, it's on the kindle in a minute or two.

How long does it take typically between ordering and getting the receipt? That might have been partly where the delay was, as I was on my iPhone and couldn't see the receipt arrive.

amazon are the quickest company I've ever used for sending out receipts. I get them almost as the page has finished loading.

Next time I'll try and measure the delay, if there is one.

But as long as it's arriving on your mail server, when you download the email with the receipt in it, shouldn't make any difference.

Oh yep, for sure. I'll compare and contrast when I get the book to sync versus when the email receipt arrives at my mailbox. May have just been a one off :-)

I agree with everything Steph says, I don't have any of those problems. Perhaps its because you're using the app rather than the actual Kindle

I'm sure it's related, otherwise device users would be tearing their hair out.

I haven't bought anything via the Kindle yet, but downloading books from Project Gutenberg is nice and quick.

I have some .epub books, but not sure where to start in getting them on the iPhone.

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