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Another difficult night with Amélie, mostly spent in our bed - she was running a temperature again, that was close to 40C, so we made sure to give her some distance and ensured she wasn't covered. Lu spent half the night worrying and applying a tepid flannel, although I was fairly sure she was OK and just needed to work through it.

She was better this morning, but both of us were shattered and bad tempered. As Lu had to work she slept for some of the morning and I looked after Amélie. The latter was also very tired and clingy, and she ended up sleeping 2.5 hours on me, which is very rare, but very cute.

She was almost back to her normal self this afternoon, although started to get whingy around 3pm. I tried to get her to settle in her cot but she wouldn't, so I was 50/50 about whether she wanted to sleep. So I took her to our bed, and kept lying her down. After the 4th or 5th time she settled, and slept another 2.5 hours. So it was a day of epic sleep.

I haven't done an update for a while, but I've not seen a huge change in behaviour. She still only walks while holding on to fingers - she does sometimes let go with one hand as an experiment, but that's about it. She still loves this assisted walking, and will often pause with a sit down then immediately want to get back up again. It's backbreaking stuff as you have to walk backwards while bent over. A couple of laps and everything hurts. She seems to get tired out after 2-3 laps anyway.

Her verbal communication is also more or less the same, lots of "dadadadada" which sometimes seems to connect with me and other times not. Lots of babble.

She has now figured out how to open the flap on the front of the amplifier, which due to some fault causes a huge crack of sound to go through the speakers if she bangs it down particularly hard. A shame they don't childproof these things more, but it doesn't cause any harm, just frustration for me when she keeps turning it on and off, or changing settings.

Over the last 2-3 days she's started giving things that she's holding to the person she's with, which is a new behaviour. Today for example she had a creme egg (wrapped) which she would repeatedly hand to me then take back - I think she liked it because it was a nice size for her hand, and covered in a shiny wrapping. She seemed to enjoy it lots based on the fact she kept doing it - experimentation I guess.

She uses pointing still to communicate what she wants. This was extra confusing today as she was pointing at the table next to the sofa. I kept giving her things from the table, but couldn't seem to find what she wanted. If only she could talk.

Curiously she seems fascinated by books, although she's been this way for 2-3 months. She'll quite happily crawl over to a book, sit down, open it, and "read" it (often upside-down). We don't read an awful lot of traditional books, so it's interesting as to where she picked up this behaviour.

And that's about all I can think of for the moment.

No plans for tomorrow. Depending how Amélie is in the morning will depend on whether she goes to nursery or not. If she does I can get on with some jobhunting, as I've only done one application this week.

Edit: Ah, there was a sniff of a job today. A friend of a friend works for an IT company which had been compromised by an ex Sysop. I don't have the skills or experience to help with that, but recommended a company. There's a position open there though, so he forwarded my CV.

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and "read" it (often upside-down)

YES! William used to do this a lot.

She also loves books with holes in the pages. Kooky.

e don't read an awful lot of traditional books, so it's interesting as to where she picked up this behaviour.

Don't you read to her?

Yes... which on retrospect probably did happen before she started doing this - Lu bought her a few books when she was only a few months old, and we'd sit her in our laps and read. I guess kids are good mimics :-)

well there you go then :0)

Daily reading of stories is the only way to go...of course that's the librarian speaking, rather than the childless woman ;0)

Ah well I'm the son of a librarian. I love libraries :-)

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