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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
It was another very disrupted night. Including the times I posted about I think Amélie woke up at 12pm, 2am, 3am, 4am, and 7am. She stayed with us from 7am to 9am, when we got up. I'm back to trying the PUPD technique which is working, just the wake ups are so damn frequent, possibly because of Amélie's cough.

Despite being tired we all went for a walk down to the supermarket and back in the morning. Then it was lunch, during which Mum arrived, and afterwards Lu left for work.

I stayed with Mum for a bit and then washed my car. It hasn't been washed since October/November time, and although it's not *that* long it's covered in Winter road gunk. It was getting to the point where I couldn't brush against it for fear of getting covering in black goo. I tried to rinse the bulk off first, but it was even resistant to the jet wash. That meant a good 20-30 minutes of scrubbing, during which I managed to jet wash off part of the 6 on my front number plate. Oops.

I rang the benefits people to update on some of the unanswered questions, but it transpires I need to fill out a form, surprise surprise. I've not heard anything from them re. my claim, surprise surprise.

steveeeee came over around 4pm and we had a walk around the estate, opting for tarmac instead of the thick mud. Then once steveeeee was gone I took over from Mum and she went home.

Amélie was playing this peculiar game where she wanted to pretend to drink from 2 cups that were on the coffee table next to me. I even went to get her a cup with some water in, she was that obsessive about it. It seems I probably misinterpreted what she wanted, as when Lu got back she seemed to be very hungry. I don't think Mum gave her a snack in the afternoon, as her nap coincided with her normal snack time.

I cooked dinner, and then gave Amélie a bath, despite being super tired (Lu said she was super super tired). Now Amélie has gone off for a feed and bed with Lu, although I can hear a lot of noise upstairs, so I'm not convinced it's happening.

I'm now going to flop on the sofa and cough.

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(Deleted comment)
Not these plates! Hopefully this isn't a sign that my car is stolen or something, although I suspect I would have known after a year. There seems to have been some impact between the number plate and a bloody large stone which has left a significant dent on the corner of the 6, which I think started this off. I'm hoping the 6 looks more like a 5, so automatic number plate recognition will fail :-)

Plus the chrome bits on the front seem to have suffered with the winter salt, assuming it is genuinely chrome and not plastic.

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