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BB Piano
Another difficult night, with Amélie waking up every few minutes from around 2-4am. I think it was mostly due to the cough. She went back to sleep very easily most of the time.

I felt like shit when I woke up this morning, and I still don't feel great. Unfortunately around 11am I heard a shout from Lu downstairs, when I rushed to the stairs she was already coming up. Amélie had unfortunately vomited all over Lu, and most of the kitchen floor. Lu gave her a bath, and they both had a change of clothes. Then while Lu was busy I held Amélie, and she vomited twice while I was holding her, the third time was just bile. Lu took her, and she vomited twice more, while I was on the phone to NHS Direct.

NHS Direct were again good, and we were put straight through to a nurse, so they must have felt it was more than incidental. In summary we just had to keep an eye on her, and try her with sips of water every 10-15 minutes. We did this from about 1pm, and she vomited after two attempts with water. So we held fire until around 3pm and tried again, as I just had a gut feeling she needed time for her stomach to settle. We gave her sips of water at 3pm, 3:15pm, 3:30pm, and 3:45pm, and it has all stayed inside her, so Lu's trying her now with some purée, and so far all is OK.

We also rang the GPs around 2pm, because basically we were worried. The nurse had said if she had a wheezy chest she should see a GP, and we could hear a bit of a rattle there. I'm sure the vomiting is a product of her chest infection, as the second vomit seemed to initially comprise a huge wodge of green phlegm. We were told a GP would call us back to confirm whether we needed to go in, and while writing this the GP called. He seems fairly happy that she's not sufficiently ill to require an appointment, and we're happier now so will leave it for the moment. Apparently we're the fourth parent he's rung today, and it's all under 2-year olds with the same symptoms.

It was a bit frightening and stressful for an hour or two, especially watching Amélie vomit, and how upset she was. Thankfully I don't tend to panic in situations like this, even though I had my concerns.

As mentioned, I'm still feeling dreadful. This is pretty much 3 weeks with a cold, and a wheezy chest for a week at least, so I'll ring the GP tomorrow if I'm still feeling bad in the morning.

It seems I'm fated to not have a decent chance at job hunting, as today was going to be my chance to properly get into it, although I will grab an hour or so now to hunt through JobServe's emails. I'll have to look after Amélie tomorrow afternoon as well, as she can't go to nursery for 24 hours after vomiting.