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BB Piano
So after Amélie started drinking water and eating, yesterday afternoon, we thought we were safe. How naive were we! Lu was actually talking to her Mum and Dad around 7-8pm, with Amélie on her lap, when the latter decided to projectile vomit a mix of fish and spinach purée. This time unfortunately she was in the Living Room, so the rug we have there took the full force of it. Fortunately the rug cost something like £15 from the Internet, so has been dispatched to the bin. Subsequently we took measures to ensure that blankets were placed in all potential danger areas, but so far she hasn't vomited again, which is good. We even put blankets around her cot, and lay awake most of the night in that nervous parent way that she might fall asleep and end up choking on her own vomit... well I lay awake, and Lu didn't even wake up when the cot alarm went off (because Amélie had managed to squeeze herself into the top third of the cot where the alarm doesn't register) because she's a super deep sleeper.

I had a bit of a crisis of confidence yesterday, when I had an hour to look at jobs. Almost all project management jobs are now requiring methodology qualifications (all stupidly named e.g. Agile, Scrum, Prince). This pisses me off because I have 15+ years of experience, which on the face of it seems to count for little. I'm guessing the methodologies are probably tedious affairs as well, and just make training companies more wealthy. Despite that I did have a bit of luck finding a handful of roles that were local and/or reasonably paid.

I was still full of both sinus and chest based snot this morning so rang the GPs. Bizarrely I had to go through a triage GP, which is something new. Even then I had to wait for the triage GP to call me back, ironically my normal GP anyway. I was deemed ill enough though, and got an immediate appointment with another GP, so that was good at least. That GP said I was a marginal case for antibiotics, but given the chance I took it, otherwise I'll be kicking myself if I still feel like shit in a week. I've also bought multivitamins, as although I'm not a fan of vitamins I'll give it a try for a month and see if my general malaise improves at all - Lu and I don't eat as healthily as we could, so this is a lazy answer to that, possibly.

I got a text to say Virgin are delivering a replacement router today. The current router doesn't seem to allow the improved upload speeds (from 0.8 Mb/s to 5Mb/s), which I find a bit odd. Anyway, the Virgin Media tech support drone's answer is a new router, but if it works fair enough. Ordinarily I wouldn't be that bothered, but I do use upload a fair bit, and why not get the service I pay for?

I'm waiting for a T-shirt I won from Play.com, and also a second attempt at getting an eBay package to me. My worry though is that Royal Mail post here seems to be compromised, as I've already had two parcels go missing. I've asked both those sending to post with either recorded or special delivery, but no confirmation from either as to whether they have.

Amélie cannot go to nursery today because she was vomiting, so I will have to look after her this afternoon. Not a great problem, as I've done more than double my job application quota, and I love spending time with her... in short bursts at least. Mum has said she might come over this afternoon "for a cup of tea", so that will be a good distraction. I can't help but think Amélie gets bored of the house and would like to get out more with her, but the combination of cold and crap weather hasn't helped much with that (although nursery must be a good distraction for her, aside from the viruses).

No huge plans for the weekend, although I don't feel like doing anything anyway. Amélie is due to go to a birthday party on Sunday, but Lu can take her to that.

I think that's it for now, although I'm sure there was something else I mean to write about.

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> YFW you take an insignificant proportion of your redundancy package, use it to complete an accreditation in a project management methodology and as a result get an awesome job.

Either that or apply for the jobs anyway, pointing out that you have a shitload of experience.

I was thinking of doing that as well, but these all had it listed under essential experience.

It wouldn't hurt to try, but is it's part of the required skillset then Mark would be at a significant disadvantage compared to an accredited individual in terms of matching their requirements.

I was thinking about that - not sure what the methodology flavour-of-the-month is, or whether they vary massively in requirements.

PRINCE2 is probably the most highly regarded. There are others specific to the software industry but I'm not sure what sectors you're applying in. The main advantage of PRINCE2 is that it's a general project management methodology, so it doesn't matter if you're delivering software, railways or aircraft.

Thanks Chris. PRINCE 2 sounds like the one for me then.

No worries. PRINCE2 is also the public sectors preferred methodology, in general, in case that helps? Although in the short to medium term I doubt they're doing much recruiting.

I have PRINCE2 foundation, it was a while ago, but from what I remember the course was 3 days, the exam was taken on the 3rd day and it truly was a case of, if you've listened you'll pass and I got the results on the same day.

PRINCE2 practitioner is a more indepth course and is highly regarded.

PRINCE2 is like Chris said a general methodology so it doesn't matter what you are applying it to.

These guys keep emailing me with offers on the bridge course to update my ITIL Managers v. 2 to ITIL Manager v.3 and their prices seem pretty good, they do Prince2 too.


Thanks Caroline. I'll check them out. I might hang on a 3-4 months and see what the job scene's like. If things get desperate then I might look at the training angle.

The adverts just seem to mention PRINCE2, without specifics about the type. Not sure if that's important? Would you describe the course as useful, or just common sense?

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