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127 Hours (2010). Directed by Danny Boyle and based on the autobiographical book by Aron Ralston. The story centres around the true story of Aron Ralston (played by James Franco in the film) an all round adventurer who goes cycling and climbing in Utah's National Park. After meeting up and then splitting from a couple of girl hikers, he goes climbing through some narrow canyons. He falls into a canyon after a rock beneath him collapses, and the rock then falls on top of him and pins his arm. Stuck in the canyon Aron contemplates his fate. 127 Hours is a mixture of Lo-Fi and MTV-a-like style visuals, which partly tie in with Aron filming himself and also some of the more surreal elements. Also it feels like a collision of faithful documentary and art house film. This mix and style may bother some viewers, although I found it refreshing. It bears some similarity to Buried and Open Water, and although the latter was loosely based on a true story clearly 127 Hours is much more accurate. Franco is particularly well cast and conveys the extremes of emotion that Aron went through. The soundtrack also works well with the various visual elements. The only problem I had is that I didn't feel engaged enough in Aron's story, perhaps due to a lack of better setup or overall writing. This lack of depth stops it from being great, although I still found it enjoyable. Recommended for those who can cope with the visual style, aren't squeamish, and like biographical tales. 4/5 (Good)


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