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Vinyan (2008). Directed and co-written by Fabrice du Welz. The film is set several months after the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami that occurred in the Indian Ocean. Initially set in Thailand, Paul (Rufus Sewell) and Jeanne (Emmanuelle Béart) are a couple who lost their son in the tsunami. A fleeting glimpse on a charity video leads Jeanne to believe her son is still alive in Burma, so the couple head off into a financially and morally corrupt world to try and find him. Vinyan is promising until around half an hour from the end, where it's likely to lose most of the audience (or at least those that have stuck with it to this point). I could just about hang with it though, and could see what they were trying to achieve. If they had perhaps kept with the real more than the surreal, and left some depth in the story almost until the end, it might have been a better overall film. Apocalypse Now comparisons will be inevitable, with the jungle environment, and the descent into the surreal. Sewell and Béart are great though as the couple who have a critical connection to each other, but one that walks a fine line between love and hate. The soundtrack has some great moments, but in some areas feels jarring and out of place, as if it's trying to be too arty and contemporary (something the film could be accused of). A hard film to know who to recommend to, but perhaps for those who like a mix of drama and art film, and aren't too picky. 3/5 (Average)


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