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BB Piano
So just after the last posting I threw up, big style. I then threw up in the same style at 7am and 10am. Where it was all coming from I have no idea. The shits have continued.

I felt really weak around midday, so decided to try some flat coke. So far I've drunk a can of that, and no vomiting.

I've had so little energy I've been in bed since 4am (when not doing the above).

My guess is it's a norovirus-a-like thing. Lu's also got it, but lucky for her no vomiting.

Bleugh. Bleugh. Bleugh.

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Sounds a lot like food poisoning. I've been there! Hope you feel better soon.

I caught it from my daughter, unfortunately. Every years there seems to be a sickness bug like this, and as she's just started nursery she's already picked up two viral infections. I suspect she's had more time off nursery than on! :-(

My guess was also food poisoning - pretty much e. coli like contamination... :(

Hope you all feel better soon!

This seems to happen every Winter in the UK, along with the usual colds and flus. Horrible :-(

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