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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
Thankfully I'm feeling a lot better today, although I am still a way off 100%. That was the worst 24-36 hours for a good few months/years. The vomiting stopped yesterday morning, but following that it was just awful aches and pains all over which left me feeling like I wanted to lay in bed, which I more or less did. Not that I was really fussed appetite-wise, but I managed to eat a cheese sandwich for dinner, and that was it other than flat coke and lemonade during the day. I weighed myself early yesterday afternoon and I was 105kg, down from the 108.5kg I was the day before. I'm back up to 106kg this morning. I've just had a single slice of bread and jam for breakfast with some orange juice, but I've still got more or less zero appetite. Perhaps this is a chance to reduce my food intake, as I've found before that appetite seems to reset after one of these types of illnesses. The old food intake has been creeping up again of late.

The Shits continue, in rather epic style, and I suspect it'll be a day or three or more before that vanishes. Amélie is still suffering with that as well, which is never a good combination with nappies, at least for the parents. She has already required one "hose down" today.

My night time routine seems to be going to bed at 9-10pm, and then waking up somewhere between 11pm-midnight, and then staying awake typically until gone 2am. Then waking up can be anywhere between 7-10am... well waking up is at 6-7am when Amélie wakes up. 7-10am is more the getting up. That doesn't sound right, but should I fight it?

Last night I was sort of kept awake by watching The Butterfly Effect on E4. I remember not liking this much the first time around, because it seemed to be like a Donnie Darko cash in. But each time I watch it I enjoy it more, and it's just bizarre watching Ashton Kutcher in such a serious yet odd role. The film has its flaws, and feels like it was the victim of a harsh editor, but the underlying story is rather good, and it's a great example of time travel gone wrong. Also the film is just... quirky. It has some non-mainstream quality about it, and I typically like that. Really it's not massively similar to Donnie Darko, though it's very similar to the Time Traveller's Wife, only for me at least more accessible. Curiously the latter was released in 2003, and the former in 2004. Coincidence?

In other news...

Amélie's language still doesn't show much change. Almost 90% of things are "dadadadadada", "dada", or "daddy" (of a sort). This includes me, Lu, the TV, a toy etc. I'm curious to see how this develops, assuming she isn't still calling everything this when she's 21.

Where she has changed, during the last 2-3 weeks, is in interaction with objects. For example I held the phone up to her ear so she could hear the dialling tone. She will then repeat that behaviour. Essentially her interaction has become more complex. We still play the "Coffee Table Game", where she sits on my lap, and then wants to have every item on the coffee table. It doesn't matter that we've done this about a 1,000 times already, with mostly the same things :-) Clearly repetition is the key to babies learning!

On retrospect I should have tagged these Amélie entries with a rough age. It would have made it easier to go back and check how she changed. Not that I always remember to tag these entries in the first place.