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Interstate 60 (2002). Written and directed by Bob Gale. The film starts with a discussion in a bar between two men, that the USA has no fantastical creatures e.g. pixies, leprechauns, due to its relatively young age. The two men are stopped by another man in the bar, who tells them about OW Grant, a man who grants one wish. He continues that the only problem with OW Grant is that his wishes are mischievous, and often don't quite have the intendeds desire. The story then switches to the chisel faced Neal Oliver (James Marsden), a dreamer who is supposed to be choosing a college, and whose father wants him to be a lawyer. At a birthday party Neal wishes for an answer to his life, although doesn't realise that OW Grant (Gary Oldman) is his waiter. Interstate 60 plays like an adult, very adult at times, fairy tale, combined with a road trip. It has a handful of odd cameos, including Michael J Fox, and Kurt Russell. On a technical level the writing is patchy, with some elements of the film being quite interesting, and other bits poor or plain awful (like a bad Twilight Zone episode). I found Marsden fairly derivative and not enormously likeable. For some reason it felt a little like The Princess Bride, despite the significant difference in story, but then I tend to go against the grain and find The Princess Bride to be fairly average. So maybe this is a film for Princess Bride fans, or at least those who are fans of (perhaps American style) whimsy and fantasy. 3/5 (Average)


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