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The Hole (2009). Directed by Joe Dante. The film starts with kids Dane (Chris Massoglia) and Lucas (Nathan Gamble) moving into a new home, with their mum, in suburbia. Before long they discover a strange trapdoor in the garage, secured with multiple padlocks. Rather naively they find the keys and open the padlocks, and discover what appears to be a bottomless pit, or is it? The Hole is a peculiar film, in that it's hard to see who it's aimed at. The UK 12A rating seems bizarrely low, although it's not super gory horror. It is creepy though, and gory in parts. A good comparison is with Gremlins, another Joe Dante film, which was (famously) given a 15 certificate for little if any horror, yet is a lot milder and less creepy. Anyway, enough about ratings. It's another of those films clearly created with 3D in mind i.e. objects semi-regularly fly towards the screen, but it's not too annoying if watched in 2D. The plot is OK, but hardly mind blowing and original. The child actors are fairly charming, and lend an additional overall charm to the film, which has a somewhat 80s feel to it. Adult horror fans that require adult horror films should avoid, but those open to something a bit more charming albeit not brilliant might enjoy. 3/5 (Average)


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