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The Next Three Days (2010). Directed by Paul Haggis and based on the French film Pour Elle (2007). At the start of the story Lara Brennan (Elizabeth Banks) is arrested for the murder of her boss, after she allegedly attacked her in a car park. Lara's husband, John (Russell Crowe) believes she is innocent, and after exhausting every legal opportunity to secure her freedom he looks at the illegal. The Next Three Days is a patchy film. Banks' character isn't particularly likeable, although you could argue that after all she goes through she wouldn't be particularly charming. Conversely Crowe's character seems to be the put upon one, and garners some sympathy. The issue of Banks' innocence also seems to be somewhat ignored, and less questioned that I would have expected. There are also some implausible moments which if removed would have given a far more solid story. The remainder of the film is relatively solid and enjoyable, which makes it all the more frustrating re. the niggles. For light action and drama fans with nothing better to watch. 3/5 (Average)

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I watched this a few weeks back and whilst I think the film was entertaining and I overlooked a few of the more impossible moments, but what bugged me and perhaps that is just me over analysing things.

I found myself without anyone to root for. My sympathy for John wained when he did some of the things he did, she was also frustrating as she didn't make it easy to feel sorry for her, with the way she behaved.

John I didn't have so much of a problem with, because he was desperate, not that I was exactly brimming over with sympathy. His wife though... zero sympathy. Bit of a writing faux pas, or they just failed to convey it in the acting/direction.

Even though he was desperate and even though he tried to target someone he deemed 'bad' he still crossed a very big line and that turned him less likeable to me, I can fully understand why he did it, but at what cost.

She just came across as a really uncaring person, the whole implausable scene you know, spinning car, truck etc. Whilst great to watch, made me think.. "WTF you ungrateful bitch"

She was 100% thinking of no-one but her self at that moment, which is shame as her husband had gone to hell and back and literally turned his back on his humanity for her and she was prepared to end it all and leave him to pick up the pieces.

I think they tried to paint it as black and white morality, that drug dealers were "expendable". Perhaps some cleverer writing and changes could have made that sequence more intelligent.

For a moment, when she tried to get out the car, I thought she was going to say she was guilty, because they kept the whole issue of her guilt under wraps (until the end).

I did wonder though if in her position whether you would become just think of number one, or just get crushed by all around you. She became the former. It would have helped to have a lot more setup, which showed her as kind and caring (rather than more or less a single scene where she argues in a restaurant).

I'm curious as to what the French film is like. The reviews are certainly a lot better.

It was just the confusion over the fact that when she was going to get out of the car, it was because she thought that she'd not be with her son, it was a complete slap in John's face, was he not enough for her?

What really bugged me is she knew that her husband had not only gone to such lengths to help her escape, he'd been seen and they were after them so his life was now over like hers, but still she considered killing herself and leaving him to deal with it all alone!

It would have helped if she was more affectionate in the prison, I mean she seemed so withdrawn and the compassion seemed to be so one way, the only hint you got was how upset she was that her son wouldn't cuddle her, but yeah a lot more showing her in a good light would have made it easier to be more sympathetic.

Well she was already suicidal (previously demonstrated) and in an extreme circumstance, I could see the reason why she would do it. People make "stupid" decisions when under extreme pressure.

Even the lack of affection in prison made some sort of sense, factoring in the weak moment where they were on the phone together. But I still feel it needed to be backed up by more/better setup prior to her arrest.

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