The Stainless Steel Rat (stainsteelrat) wrote,
The Stainless Steel Rat

It was the last day of the antibiotics yesterday, and thank fuck for that. I'm still feeling what I can only assume are the side effects, although I've had a less than brilliant night's sleep with a couple of wake ups from Amélie, and the cough.

(The latest wake up was at 5am, and we thought she was hungry, but having fed her she has just woken up again. So I reckon hunger was not the issue, and we just have to persist until gone 6am at least)

Along with the cough and Amélie's waking up, the third nightmare factor is the iPhone (and the "crackberry" effect). When I wake up due to the former two I often hop onto the Smartphone, rather than going back to sleep. I'm not sure whether this is then keeping me awake, or something else, but I'm a light sleeper at the best of times. I almost fancy a break from all this technology (cue the idea of a Winter Sun holiday, if I can get a job before the Summer Sun arrives). Then when I'm even more awake I go onto the PC, or go downstairs and watch TV, although this seems to have a soporific effect.

I thought I was due to go and see the Immunology consultant on Monday, but when I rechecked the letter yesterday evening for the address I discovered that it was the 23rd rather than the 28th. I was annoyed with myself to the say the least, as this is one of a handful of times I have got a date fixed in my head and it's completely wrong. Perhaps I even misread the 3 as an 8. I've been waiting 3 months for this appointment, and guess I'll just have to ring them on Monday, apologise, and see if I can reschedule.

No plans for today, but if the symptoms subside I'd like to get out the house. Other than going out to sign on I've not left the house in a month, and I'd not gone out much before then because of the crappy weather - not that the weather has changed a great deal from cold and wet.

In any event we're due to go and see steveeeee and family on Sunday afternoon, after various deferrals due to illness since November. Unless the side effects come back with a vengeance, or we catch something else, I'm hoping we can finally make it this time.
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