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BB Piano
Amélie was about as hungry as I've ever seen her during lunchtime. She ate all her dinner, plus one and a half petit filouseses. She started crying after the first petit filous, so I thought it worth carrying on. Lu is worried about her size, not that we starve (!) or overfeed her.

We quite simply had a lovely afternoon with steveeeee and family. Elliott, the new addition to the family, is huge! At 16 weeks he's almost the same size as Amélie. Or Amélie's just small... #overlyconcernedparentcraphopefully

Curiously I had two cups of tea while at steveeeee's - I haven't had a cup of tea for several weeks. On the drive home I started to feel nauseous and just unwell. Once home I cooked dinner, and then within half an hour of eating it I vomited. The strange thing is that when I get this I just vomit a bit, as opposed to when I had the sickness bug a few days ago, when I vomited a lot. Now I'm almost convinced that tea is at least one thing causing this nausea/vomiting. Bizarre.

I remember mention on Embarrassing Bodies about tea being connected to either benzoate or silicate allergy, but Google's turning up next to nothing on the latter at least, as far as I can see.

A few photos from the last 2 weeks...

Biscuiteer Biscuits

^The biscuits that I bought for Lu for Valentine's Day (uber thanks to nicnac for the suggestion!)

Steve & Amélie (Sleeping)

^steveeeee was in favour, and got a sleeping Amélie, for around an hour or so. Along with a dead arm.


^Amélie with biscuit and glockenspiel hitter. The biscuit was definitely not getting put down.

Hayley, Elliott, & Amélie

^Mrs. steveeeee, steveeeee's new(ish) arrival, and Amélie.

All 9 photos in the set are here.


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