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BB Piano
We took Amélie to the GP yesterday. Lu read in the Red Book that she was supposed to have a check up at 1-year. The GP rang early morning to say that the Health Visitor was supposed to give the check up, but due to Amélie's cough we went to the appointment anyway. Needless to say Amélie didn't cough once during the appointment, and started playing hide and seek with the GP. She had a clear chest though, and that was the important bit. Her cough has dragged on though for over a week, and is particularly bad at night.

The GP couldn't spot anything else wrong with Amélie based on a very cursory check, and she said the Health Visitor appointments can take up to 3 months to arrange. Not sure if we'll bother. The only thing we're concerned about with Amélie is that she seems a bit small, but that's probably just us being overly concerned.

My cold rumbles on. It was particularly bad yesterday, with hellishly painful sinuses, which meant plenty of paracetamol. I had to sleep/stay in bed most of the afternoon because of the pain. I played our usual Wednesday gaming session, but when it finished I could feel the heat of a fever, combined with a stinking headache.

The last couple of nights have been similar with Amélie (certainly a wake up around midnight and 3am last night). She has woken up around 5-6am, but been fully awake and hungry it seems. Certainly she has not seemed like she will settle. Once fed though she does sleep another couple of hours.

Not a great deal of change with her. Still no walking, and she goes bananas if I take one hand away with assisted walking, and then refuses to walk. She has started waving and saying "bye bye", when prompted. That's about it I think.


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