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BB Piano
Amélie went for some jabs today - a couple of boosters, and her MMR. Inevitably she cried, but they use a fan to distract her (elegant and simple!). Even then it was hard going to keep her distracted, but she got over it within a couple of minutes. Apparently she might suffer some mild symptoms, as the MMR jab uses a live virus. She's certainly not herself this evening, and has a very slight rash.

This afternoon was partly made of podcasting. I managed to record two, as I record live, and don't bother with any editing. I'll post the second tomorrow (if I remember), rather than both at once. Perhaps this is a sign that I'm relaxing after the last few months, as I only tend to podcast when in a good mood?

Apparently Amélie stood up at nursery, unassisted, and without holding onto anything. Supposedly she stood there for a few minutes, but didn't walk. No standing up at home this evening though, but lots of walking with her walker thingy.

I had a phone call from Barry. It's always great to hear from him, and he wants to meet up possibly next week. I said I am "with cold", but I'll see how I feel next week. In any event, I have arranged for him and Jo to come over a week Saturday for lunch.


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