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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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(no subject)
A quick review of anything horror, SF, or otherwise interesting on the trailers front that wasn't captured last time...

Apollo 18. Apparently Apollo 17 wasn't the last mission to the moon, secret DoD Apollo 18 mission was. Based on supposed secret footage, expect aliens etc. founded on a rather silly premise. Will it fly? My guess is no. Due for release this month.

The Bleeding. Rather dreadful looking action jobby about vampires, with Vinnie Jones playing one of the leads. I wouldn't expect much. Released in Nov 2009 apparently, so not sure why this is on the trailers page.

Rubber. French film, albeit English language and set in the USA, about a sentient tyre with psychic powers... seriously. Looks like it could be a lot of fun, if the one joke plot doesn't get too trying. Has been on the festival circuit for the last few months.

Scream 4. I didn't think Scream was that great, and here we are on the fourth instalment. I'm sure you know if this is your sort of thing. Out in April.

The Smurfs. They made a film?! And of course it's in 3D. I can only find a teaser, and it's less than forthcoming. I don't expect much, but probably that's not the point. Out in August.

Thor. From the Marvel comic, directed by Kenneth Branagh, and with Natalie Portman, and Anthony Hopkins, among others. It looks very much like a formulaic and CG packed action film, the likes of which I suspect most of us are bored by. Here's hoping I'm wrong and it's well written and directed. Out in May.

X-Men: First Class. The famed X-Men prequel. Effects laden again, but the trailer looks pretty good. Out in June, and looks like it will be the Summer blockbuster.

Your Highness. What appears to be a light on laughs - if they can just about scrape a laugh in the trailer, that doesn't bode well - medieval road trip, bizarrely starring Natalie Portman. For fans of dumb comedy I suspect. Out in April.

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You seriously need to catch Paul. Saw it last night and laughed so much. M and I seemed to keep getting the jokes before the rest of the audience - we'd laugh and as we finished laughing the rest started laughing! Brilliant movie.

I'm 50/50 about seeing Paul. I love Frost and Pegg, but nothing they've done since Spaced has really wowed me. Reviews are also a bit mixed. I'm bound to watch it at some point though.

It's in the same class as Spaced, though - there's a lot of nerdiness which is something they know a lot about. It knocked the socks off Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz - they are really in their element with this one. I'd be surprised if they can do better than this.

I'll definitely see it at some point, but probably won't stretch to the cinema for it :-)

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