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The Stainless Steel Rat

Both Amélie and I slept late yesterday morning, until around 1pm. Lu had to leave for work, and although I could have got up we didn't want to wake Amélie - we've not got to the stage where we wake her up to keep her in a strict routine. She's very cute when she does wake up, and tends to get up on all fours, then collapse again for another minute or two of sleep. This process repeats a few times until she's wide awake. If this is in her cot she will eventually cry, but when one or both of us is around she will shout "hey!" or similar.

Because Lu had left for work I gave Amélie lunch, and took her to nursery. The nursery is a funny place, or more so the kids at the nursery are not what I expected. There's this stereotype of kids being happy and smiley all the time, but at the nursery they all tend to scowl, at me at least. Once or twice I must have been perceived as a parent, as when I left I've caused other kids to burst into tears. Amélie didn't cry yesterday though, which is the first time out of the few times I've taken her alone, or with Lu. She must be getting used to it. I still feel bad about leaving her there, although I'm sure it's good for her on a number of levels. Fridays are apparently quiet days there, so they often end up with all the kids (up to the age of 4 at a guess) in one room together. Apparently Amélie wasn't fazed by this at all, and was enjoying the company of all the children, rather than being overwhelmed.

We received our second bill from the nursery, but it's wrong, and not in our favour. It was already several weeks late because the owner was away, and the third bill is due already. Lu worked out the correct bill in a minute or two, and we've been trying to get that to the owner, who is rarely there. I left the revised version with one of the nursery nurses yesterday, to pass on. I don't want to end up accused of not paying it, but equally I'm not paying it until we receive a corrected version.

It was good to get out yesterday just to take Amélie to nursery. In the last few weeks I've only left the house to sign on, although with the cold weather that's no enormous hardship. Although it was cold yesterday during the day (8C in the car) the addition of the sun almost meant I could open the car window.

We didn't have an exceptionally late night, but a coughing fit ensured that I woke up at 6am. I had to leave the room for fear of waking up Lu and Amélie, although I suspect I woke up the former at least. It was another so-so night with Amélie, but again she seemed to need feeding at 4-5am, and she just stayed with us at that point.

I think the conjunctivitis has spread to my right eye, but it seems to have dropped in intensity. Both eyes are a bit crusty, and both are definitely sore and red. The left eye was painful all of yesterday, and I resorted to a salt water bath, due to being too lazy to go and get eye drops. Aside from the pain the most annoying thing is that my vision is blurred, so it's hard to read the laptop screen at times.

Not sure what the plans are for today, but it's frickin' cold outside. It hit -2.3C in the garden last night. The forecast is not great for the next few days either, and in the single digits. OK, we're only just into March, but I would have expected it to be a little warmer.

In other news...

I've become semi-addicted to Two and a Half Men. Somewhat ironic based on what happened with Charlie Sheen over the last week, and more so the series. The addiction started when we were in Brazil, because it was on once or twice daily on one of the cable channels there, and for lack of anything better to do I found myself watching it, and laughing along. I then forgot all about it when back in the UK, until I spotted Comedy Central was showing it for around 25% of their schedule. I started watching again, and I'm hooked. I'm PVRing all the episodes, and there are plenty to watch! The only downside is that it's all out of sequence, and I'm toying with the idea of torrent'ing all the seasons, although the downside to that is we've seen so many episodes already. It's not the rocket science of comedy, and it's fairly formulaic, but equally it's wonderfully non-PC, and full of belly laughs for me.

And after being slightly rude about Miranda, at least on Facebook and Twitter, I've started watching that as well since the second season. Both Lu and I are enjoying it, mostly because it doesn't take itself at all seriously, plus it also has a 70s comedy vibe about it. Miranda Hart is impressive in both her ability to take the piss out of herself (a quality I always admire), and her physical comedy. I can't believe she's 6 months younger than me - maybe I've got to that point in my life where I'm going to start checking the age of people, and then sigh.

I'm debating whether to go to the cinema next week, in the afternoon, if I feel well enough. This was initially prompted by Battle: Los Angeles, but the reviews for this have started coming in, and apparently it's another Skyline. It does sort of look that way from the trailer. Instead I might go and see The Adjustment Bureau, which is getting good but not great reviews. I'm not a fan of Matt Damon, but I'm hoping the rest of it will be OK. I might try and make going to the cinema a more regular thing, while I can. I love everything about the cinema, except for the people that ruin it for others. Lu doesn't tend to like the films I like anyway. It's a shame we don't have a Cineworld more locally, as it would be great to get a season ticket. If the audiences prove to be consistently problematic though I'll stop and stick with Home Cinema.
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