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BB Piano
I can only assume that something I ate this morning didn't agree with me, or more so triggered my whatever-the-fuck-it-is nausea allergy thing. The weird thing is that it was a totally standard breakfast for me. No tea, which I thought was the trigger. Just bread, jam, butter and OJ.

I've been on the edge of nausea all day, on and off, so far. After I had the initial nausea in the morning I got a headache and general aches and pains all over my body, which are the usual full set of symptoms that I have when this is really bad.

In short, another wasted day where I've felt like crap.

Oh well, good timing for the immunologist on Wednesday, assuming the guy knows diddly squat.

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I hope they do know something on Wednesday, you can't go on like this

If it's another wasted NHS appointment I'm debating whether to go private. Only problem will be deciding with consultant to start with, and I won't be able to afford any serious examinations.

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