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The Adjustment Bureau (2011). Directed by George Nolfi, and based on the short story by Philip K Dick. The film starts with politician David Norris (Matt Damon) trying to run for senate. He rehearses a critical speech in the toilet of a hotel, where he finds a mysterious woman (Emily Blunt). Said woman tells him to alter his speech to be more honest, which he does, which goes on to win him more voters. I had various problems with The Adjustment Bureau. I don't remember the original Philip K Dick story, so I can't say how close this is to it, but in any event this was dull and poorly thought through. There are various critical plot points that are laughably bad e.g. hats that allow you to change what a door leads to, seriously. I'm not a fan of Matt Damon, but either way he wasn't well cast in this, nor particularly brilliant. The various adjusters, with the exception of Terence Stamp, were all amusingly bad as well, and not in a good way. While watching it I kept thinking of even average films that did a better job of the various recycled plot elements. Dark City in particular takes the central aspects of a man in love with a controlled destiny, and does a far far better job of it. The last half an hour of The Adjustment Bureau does perk up a bit, but not enough, and certainly not enough to save it. Hard to know who to recommend this to. There's little action and weak dialogue... fans of anaemic science fiction? 2/5 (Poor)


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