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Retro Review
Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny (2006). Directed and co-written by Liam Lynch. The story starts with the central character, Jack Black, as a child, living in the backwater town of Kickapoo. He has an argument with his religious father (Meatloaf) and leaves for Los Angeles to seek fame and fortune. It takes him so long to get there that he is an adult by the end of the journey, and played by the actual Jack Black from this point. In LA he meets Kyle Gass, who is busking on the beach. Initially Gass refuses to even talk to him, but after Black pretends to save Gass from being attacked by a gang, he changes his mind. Black thinks it is their destiny to form a band, and discovers that all the successful rock bands over the years have at some point had the Pick of Destiny; a guitar pick formed from Satan's tooth. Black decides that they must find it to have a hope of success. I first watched The Pick of Destiny back in 2008, and on the face of it I shouldn't have enjoyed it. Sorry Jack Black fans, but I've rarely found him funny, and I find him physically off putting. Similarly I tried to listen to Tenacious D, when they were all the rage, but didn't find them funny at all. For some reason this all turned around in this film, and I found both Black and Gass hilarious. The story is full of silly jokes, but I found it well paced, rich, and very funny. The tracks played by Tenacious D are also brilliant, and some are classics in their own right. Curiously I've not met anyone else who has seen it, so for some reason it seems to have gone under the radar, perhaps even with some Tenacious D fans. Or perhaps the Tenacious D fans hated it, which would be logical based on my opposite experience. For those with a daft and childish sense of humour it's definitely worth a watch. Those who want sophisticated comedy and/or romance should avoid. 5/5 (Excellent)

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Hooray! I've finally met someone who independently watched The Pick of Destiny and liked it! :-)

I loved this, but then I love Jack Black and Tenacious D

Interesting. So my logic is flawed :-)

It's highly recommended! Are you a Jack Black/Tenacious D fan?

I love 'em both. Particularly loved Jack Black in Hi-Fidelity.

Ah yes, I like him in that as well. But I think that's about it for me.

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