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A minor Amélie update...

Apparently she took her first step at nursery yesterday. She's definitely lighter on her feet, but she's not stood up at home without grabbing onto something.

There was a surreal moment yesterday when Lu was playing kid's videos for her on YouTube, via the Apple TV. A video finished while Lu and I were in the kitchen, and then a few seconds later I heard the same video start again. I rushed into the living room, and Amélie had gone to the sofa, stood up, grabbed the remote control off the seat, and found the button to play the video again! Curiously she does pretty much always go for this particular button, so she must have guessed the significance.

She seems to be sleeping in blocks of 4 hours, semi-consistently. She goes to bed at 8pm, wakes up around midnight, and then wakes up around 4am typically needing a feed. We have tried PUPD at 4am, but she just wakes up time and time again if not fed. Last night she didn't wake up at midnight though, which is unusual. From what I remember she slept through until around her usual 4am.

Her huge appetite continues. If she isn't fed soon after 12pm or almost on the dot of 6pm it's tantrum city!

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Have you and Lu tried doing the thing where you sit on the floor facing each other and have Amélie step from one to the other, gradually getting further apart until she's actually taking a few steps on her own?

That's cool about the video. William surprised me this morning by showing me how to use the right-click menu.

No, we've not specifically encouraged her. Neither of us are particularly great at researching these things, but I'm guessing when she's ready she'll do it. Apparently they were encouraging her at nursery, which was when she took the step, but Lu didn't ask what they were doing.

When she does stand up she has to grab onto our hands, or she just throws a semi-tantrum, so I'm not sure how we'd get her to walk between us. Any ideas?

Go William! :-)

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