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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Facebook "Not Now" Security Faux Pas
I noticed something odd on Facebook the other day. I added a minor celeb - albeit I got a warning from Facebook that as we had no connections the request would be marked as spam - and then a day or two later I could see his wall, but couldn't interact.

I posted about this on Facebook, and was advised by steveeeee that Facebook changed their system, so that if you select "Not Now" in respect of a friend request it still allows them to see your wall! TechCrunch refer to it as the "de facto follow feature", among others.

But there has been a further change... now when someone adds you on Facebook, you only get two choices on the initial request: "Confirm" or "Not Now". Hence both options - obviously for the former - let that person see your wall. Only by going to the pending requests page, and *then* hitting "hidden requests" will you actually be able to stop that person seeing your wall and deny the connection.

Not the end of the world as such, but a heck of a security faux pas. I'm sure there must be many people out there who don't want others to see their wall, and are unwittingly doing so. Clearly Facebook cares more about connecting people than the security of their information, but we knew that already...

Edit: An important point is that this only allows people to see your public wall updates. Locked updates e.g. for friends only, will not be visible to those where you have clicked "Not Now". This reduces the severity lots.

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I'm having the issue that customers who have wanted to buy from my page want to add me. It's understandable because I have to message them from my personal profile to discuss anything with them, but in reality I have no idea who they are, and don't particularly want to give them access to pictures of my life & child.

For celebs it could work well - people can follow them (as long as they are careful in what they write) yet not comment. I can't see who else would benefit from this though.

Must be difficult when you've created a business from a personal profile. Hard to know what to do.

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